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FAQs for State Nominated Agency



Q1. Which agency qualifies to be nominated by the State Government Authority as State Nominated Agency (SNA)?


The State Nominated Agencies notified by Govt. of India could be State Govt. Agencies/Central Govt. Agencies (National Co-operative Consumer Federation [NCCF]/ National Small Industries Corporation [NSIC] etc.) or industries associations, as the State Govt. may deem appropriate.



Q2. How can I take coal through State Nominated Agency?



The process of getting coal through SNA is given below:


a)    Small consumers requiring coal should get recommendation from State Govt. authority like District Industrial Centre (DIC) in respect to coal quantity before registering with SNA


b)    The recommended small and medium sector consumers get themselves registered with SNAs in a prescribed format and submit their monthly and yearly requirement online/offline


c)     SNAs after scrutiny ask for payment of coal value from the small and medium consumers


d)    Thereafter SNAs deposit the advance coal value at coal companies for supply of coal.


e)    Coal Companies issue Sale Order/rail programme in commensuration with coal value.



Q3. If there is no agency for my state, how can I get coal?



You may approach the respective nominating Authority of your state and impress for nomination of Agency. For contact details